invisible string (with Rose Sloan!)



 Hi friends! Today's puzzle is with the wonderful Rose Sloan, of Scripps National Spelling Bee fame, and who Shonda Rhimes is a fan of (as she should be!!) Rose and I have a lot of shared interests that snuck into this puzzle, which was so much fun to make! Like it, stream it, catch an error: let me know!

    Rose says: "It's always fun to meet someone who shares not just one but two of my hobbies, so it was a delight to meet Lila at ACPT when I was wearing a hand knit crossword hat and she was wearing a crocheted crossword sweater. It was even more of a delight to get to work with her on this puzzle, especially since 1-across has been on my seed list for a long time. We had a lot of fun making this (as you can hopefully tell from the clues), so please enjoy!" 

amuselabs full screen / .puz / pdf


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